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CFO Treasury Monthly Monitor

A tool for CFOs to monitor treasury and predict month ending balances...

Price : $40.00

Description :

        CFOs are under increasing pressure to manage cash in tough market conditions and volatile economic cycles.

        Even in stages of business growth, cash becomes the most important asset in fueling the growth of a business.

        This becomes more significant when a CFO of a group of companies must optimize the use of cash across all entities.

        It becomes a day-to-day rigorous task with the treasury team to shuffle cash around numerous bank accounts to handle hundreds of payments and make the best of use of collections in the group.

        This financial model attempts to give a CFO a daily monitor of the existing bank balances for all entities in a multi-currency and multi-entity environment, as well as the future cash position for the current month.

        This will allow a CFO to have a careful cash planning capability month by month to cover fixed overheads and planned capital expenditures on development projects or buying assets.

        It also allows tracing issued cheques, planned payments, and anticipated collections till the end of the month.

        This model will help avoid cash flow hick-ups that face even the largest and most solvent corporations.